EPS Techbology

TWITTER Bike has launched carbon fiber frames which made of EPS technology, but what is EPS technology? It seems that many people don't know.

Today, Let's talk about how to use EPS technology to make carbon bike frames. What are the characteristics of the frames that made with EPS technology.

EPS-Ethyl Poly Styrene

The mandrel made of a thermoplastic material made of polystyrene compound conforming to the inner diameter of the frame is used as the basis for the production of the frame. If the stability of the overall quality of the frame can be enhanced, the internal wrinkles are prevented to increase the rigidity. In the market's pursuit of a highly rigid ultra-light frame, this technology can greatly extend the life of the frame and improve its safety. In the production process, the carbon fiber layer is coated on the EPS, and the mandrel is pulled out after being stabilized by molding. If the technology of TPM (thermoplastic layer technology) can be further combined, the ultra-light frame can be maximized. Also, good security effect.

The use of EPS technology for carbon fiber products offers the following advantages:

1. Has a sturdy carbon fiber casing, making the frame durable and sturdy, and light in weight

2. Has a positive strength to weight ratio, strength and shock absorption properties make it effective for the frame

3. Reduce the excessive stress concentration inside the frame

4. Stabilization and smoothness between the laminates in the inner layer of the frame and the joint

5. The finished frame has a bright and smooth appearance.

6. The finished frame has high hardness, good toughness, good strength and good adhesion.

7. The finished product of the frame has a long service life and stable quality.

We cut the finished carbon road frame (T10 PRO) and carbon mountain bike frame (STRIKE PRO) so that all consumers can see the internal structure and workmanship. Even if your eyes don't see it, we don't cut corners. Professionals must know that the advantages of carbon fiber frames made by EPS technology are unmatched by ordinary technology. There is also perfect antiknock performance to make it stronger.